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Shri Balaji Tambe: Stri Santulan
(formerly: Feminine Balance)

Vaidya Shri Balaji Tambe: Stri Santulan
Stri Santulan
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Aumkara and Panchtatva Bijamantra
Body Protection & Rejuvenation
Rigveda Mantra

Healing Music for Well-being

Ancient Indian scriptures say:

"Yatra naryastu poojyante, ramante tatra devatah"

The society where the women are healthy, where they are treated with respect and love, where they are protected in body, mind and soul, is the society where prosperity, peace, goodness and spiritual richness will prevail.

For the modern woman of the 21th century, it has been become imperative to remember some ancient vital truths for their own physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The music that follows will help the woman to achieve all aims in life.

God created woman with beauty and balance. Her special hormonal cycle acts as a barrier to disease, and gives her strength and immunity for many afflictions.

It is also known that a woman‘s beauty and kindness is a reflection of her inner health and her inner femininity. Only a woman full of energy and vitality can ensure the health of future generations.

The presence of a woman brings joy and creativity to make life a celebration.

The unique music is the outcome of many years of research by Vaidya Shri Balaji Tambe. Listening regularly to this music, interwoven with traditional mantras, offers health and harmony.

Ancient Indian scriptures emphasise the importance of a woman‘s innate femininity for bringing joy and creativity to this world. In modern times, it is important as ever for a woman to maintain the delicate feminine balance for health of the body, mind and soul.

"Healing music is very carefully planned to have precisely the designed effects on the listener. It is much more than just a matter of singing devotional songs or mantras. When certain vibrations are included through specific phonetic expressions, the music can reach particular organs to balance and rejuvenate the entire system. The vocals and phonetics are specially designed to interact with the breath and the bio-energy systems in the body. The compositions work as vibrations which stimulate different centres in the brain. Healing music is designed in such a manner that the notes and the ragas have a scientific connection at all three levels of body, mind and soul."

  1. Prarthana - Atharvaveda Mantra
    Shanti Mantra
  2. Introduction (in English)
  3. Achyutashtakam for Feminine Balance
  4. Rigveda Mantra
  5. Music for Feminine Balance
  6. Aumkara and Panchtatva Bijamantra
  7. Body Protection & Rejuvenation
  8. Samaveda Mantra
  9. Rigveda Mantra
  10. Yamunashtakam
  11. Saraswati Veena Music

Introduction: Shri Amitabh Bachchan
Project Conceived & Music Composed: Vaidya Shri Balaji També
Vocals: Vaidya Shri Balaji També, Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar, Smt. Madhuri Karmakar
Vedic Chants: Shri Balkrishna Pujari, Shri Vilas Dixit, Shri Mandar Khaladkar
Veena: Narayan Mani
Flute: Vijay Tambe
Keyboards: Raju Tambe
Santoor: Ulla Sachers
Rhythm: Kedar Pandit, Hari Bagade, Sunil Tambe
Music Arrangements: Sunil Tambe, Vijay Tambe, Raju Tambe, Nirada Gaumann
Recorded & Digitally Mastered by Sunil També at Atmasantulana Village Studio,
Karla - 410 405, India

© Vaidya Shri Balaji També, Karla, India