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Nirada Gäumann: Master's Grace
Devotional Songs in English

Nirada Gäumann: Master's Grace
Master's Grace
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So Ready
The Date
Holding Your Hand
Time is so Precious
Oh my Mind
My Heart's True Friend
Closer to You
Oh Music

Master's Grace
Nirada Gäumann, the composer of Master's Grace - Darkness to Light, is a post graduate in music therapy from Zurich University, Switzerland. She has immense love for Indian philosophy and music and is an avid student of Indian Classical Music. Ulla Sachers is a post graduate in music from Munich University, Germany and Jana Rosenhagen has an inborn talent with a melodious voice.

Inspiration and Guidance: Pujya Guruji Vaidya Shri Balaji També
Lyrics, Compositions & Vocals: Nirada Gäumann
Second Voice: Jana Rosenhagen
Chorus: Ulla Sachers
Arrangement and Flute: Vijay Tambe
Keyboards: Umesh Raorane, Uday Salvi, Ganesh Satardekar
Recorded & Mastered by Nadeem/Melroy at VENUS Studio-Mumbai,
Cover Design: Sunil També & Nirav Mistry
Atmasantulana Village, Karla - 410 405, India

© Vaidya Shri Balaji També, Karla, India