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Shri Balaji Tambe: Santulan OM Meditation (SOM)

Vaidya Shri Balaji Tambe: Santulan OM Meditation
Santulan OM Meditation
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Santulan OM Meditation (SOM)
Shreeguru Balaji Tambe has developed a very powerful meditation technique, Santulan Om Meditation (SOM). It is based on the philosophy of the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and Vedic knowledge. Its purpose ist to integrate matter with energy, to bring about peace and bliss so that the individial can lead a balanced and fulfilled life.

SOM is concerned with what the Indian Tradition calls "life experiences" - the more subtile aspects of existence. These experiences do not belong to any one person or culture. They are an expression of of universal knowledge - a philosophy as an ultimate and absolute form of meditation.

The aim of SOM ist to cultivate the qualities of friendliness, cheerfulness, compassion and non-attachment - the four pillars that form the basis of human life and lead us to liberation.

Dattabhavani, written by Saint Shri Rangaavadhoot of Nareshwar, is included in Santulan Om Meditation together with singing of AUM and Bij Mantras.

Composition & Vocals: Vaidya Shri Balaji Tambe
Flute: Vijay Tambe
Harmonium: Nirada Gäumann
Keyboards: Raju Tambe
Rhythm: Sunil Tambe
Recorded & Mastered by Shri Sunil Tambe at Atmasantulana Village Studio,
Karla - 410 405, India

© Vaidya Shri Balaji També, Karla, India